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Hashtag Theme

The theme is the heart of a story. However, students often confuse theme with the main idea or an important topic. The main idea consists of what the story is mostly about. When the story’s content is studied in depth, typically several relevant topics emerge. In the same manner, a theme cannot be a one-word statement, […]

Spot Light • March 2016

We were asked to provide a quality collection of 25 titles for an Early Childhood conference this month. We sent 25 titles, but were ready with 35 more! Here are all 60 recommended titles. Here’s a handout we gave to conference attendees. Please share it with your Early Childhood parents and teachers!    

Spot Light • January 2015

If You Wish by Kate Westerlund, illustrated by Robert Ingpen (Independent Pub Group, 2014) Publisher Summary  A strange man and a flying horse teach Willow that when she re-reads a book her imagination can show her brand new stories…This marvelous fantasy, illustrated by the internationally acclaimed Robert Ingpen, will have children re-reading their favorite stories […]

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