Foundations & Frameworks

Foundations & Frameworks is a uniquely designed instructional reading program developed at and is maintained by Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, AL. Since its introduction in 2001 Foundations & Frameworks, which is informed by the science of learning and the brain, has been implemented in an increasing number of national and international schools. Studies using standardized measures support its benefits to learners indicating growth in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. Foundations & Frameworks incorporates research-based strategies into an instructional framework enabling the best practices of reading instruction. See more program details.

Foundations & Frameworks is ideally implemented within a school system or a school-wide setting (K-6). To become a certified user at a currently-employing school, participants are required to complete the 3-day Architecture of Learning Basic Course first to understand and be able to use the instructional design model upon which the reading program is built.

Participants are then required to complete the 7-day Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training.

Required Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training participant materials include:

    • Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training Course Book
    • Foundations & Frameworks Toolbox
    • Foundations & Frameworks Beginning Reading Supplemental Guide (Gr K-2)

Foundations & Frameworks student materials include:

    • Primary SPECS Log: Early Childhood Edition
    • Primary SPECS Log
    • Primary SPECS Log: Grade 2
    • Elementary SPECS Log
    • Advanced SPECS Log

CEUs are available from ACSI and may be accepted by other accrediting agencies.
Graduate Credit will be available. Details will be posted mid-February 2019.

Foundations & Frameworks Syllabus 2017
Foundations & Frameworks Unit Evaluation Rubric 2017
Foundations & Frameworks Unit Evaluation Rubric 2017

FORMS (fill, save, print)
Architecture of Learning Skill Blueprint for F&F
Small Group Planning Form
Phonics Planning Form
Beginning Reading Planning Form

Foundations & Frameworks Literature

Approximately 1100 titles have been recommended by Make Way for Books and strategically placed within the program for optimal skill introduction and learning. If you have submitted your registration to attend or host Foundations & Frameworks training, please register at here at to gain access to the literature component overview, the Foundations & Frameworks Browse filter that offers search capability for title placement and skills for every unit and grade level, and quote/order building options.

To access training preparation details, trainers and in-house program coordinators log in, go to My Account, and select Training Prep.

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