Architecture of Learning


JULY 8-10, 2019 — Birmingham, AL
JULY 24-26, 2019 — Johns Creek, GA

This research-based Instructional Design program equips teachers to understand the way the brain learns and to design instruction that intentionally engages the appropriate processes for students to build knowledge and understandings that extend well beyond the classroom.

This model is like the engine that drives a car. Understanding and using it can improve teaching in all instructional areas for grades K-12 and beyond. The three-day training, appropriate for schools and school systems, is highly motivational as participants experience the learning they are ultimately equipped to design for their students.

To learn more about the model and the neuroscience and cognitive psychology findings upon which it is based, you may be interested in the book, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brainby Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.

Required Architecture of Learning Basic Course participant materials include:

Architecture of Learning Basic Course Book
The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain (text)

CEUs are available from ACSI and may be accepted by other accrediting agencies. Graduate Credit is available through Friends University.

Two graduate credits for the 3-day Architecture of Learning course are available through Friends University! At $85 per credit hour, tuition is $170.

Architecture of Learning Syllabus 2019
Friends University/Clerestory Learning PD Series Info 2019
Friends University Enrollment Information 2019

1. Once enrolled, there is a drop period of 10 days
2. Coursework must be submitted within two weeks of course completion

All Graduate work is submitted online using the Architecture of Learning Drafting Table.

Course Instructor: Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.

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