Writer’s Stylus


This research-based Instructional Writing program focuses on authenticity (actually teaching writing by applying mechanics and grammar to real writing), integration (connecting elements such as excellent writing models, direct instruction, coaching, etc. for complete instruction), and teacher expertise (the teacher as writer, expert, and coach).

The Writer’s Stylus Basic Course is a highly interactive, 3-1/2-day professional development event. While writing is the focus, grade K-12 teachers from all academic disciplines benefit from the training, which is packed with research-supported instructional methods teachers can use immediately.

Required Writer’s Stylus Basic Course participant materials include:

  • Online pre-course videos
  • Writer’s Stylus Basic Course Book
  • Teacher’s Tablet and Student Portfolios

Graduate Credit is available through Friends University.

All graduate work is submitted online using the Writer’s Stylus Unit Design Tool

Course Instructor: Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.

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