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Vol 3 No. 2 • March 2016 • Julia Washburn, Editor

Teaching Young Minds to Focus

Are You Listening? Teaching Young Minds to Focus

How do we teach students, especially five- and six-year olds, to focus? How much cognitive control can we expect from elementary school children?

Challenged by a Learning and the Brain conference theme, Focus is the beginning of all learning in the classroom, Brynn Redmond, Reading Specialist at The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia shares how she found help in two children's books.

Spot Light Books of the Month - February 2016

This month we were asked to provide 25 quality titles for an Early Childhood conference. Here they are (plus a few!). And, we've made the handout available to you too.


How Is My Brain Like a Supercomputer?

How Is My Brain Like a Supercomputer? by Melissa Stewart

How Is My Brain Like a Supercomputer? And Other Questions About the Human Body by Melissa Stewart (Sterling, 2014)

This concise overview of the human body with colorful, textbook-like illustrations is a perfect blend of scientific detail and awe.

Covering how body systems work, Stewart explains what happens when an imbalance occurs and other facts, as if anticipating young readers' questions.

Photographs, high-magnification images, and cutaways provide context within a riveting reading experience.


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