Make Way for Books

Vol 1 No. 5 • December 2014 • Julia Washburn, Editor

Christmas Tapestry

The Truth of the Story Makes it Worthwhile

Dr. Penny Clawson shares how—among myriad books—to go about selecting the best books. Amidst the season's hustle and bustle, grab a mug of hot chocolate, settle in a favorite chair, and relax with this thoughtful post.

Choosing books for Christmas is always a delightful experience. There are many from which to choose, so when selecting a book I ask myself how many things I might share with the children when we read this book. There needs to be more than the fun, excitement, and joys of the season. This helps me eliminate some and treasure others. Continued...

Thank you, Make Way for Books friends, for allowing our story be part of yours this year. We wish you a meaningful Christmas and a New Year full of hope.


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