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April 2016 • Julia Washburn, Editor

What Is Your Favorite Part of Speech?

In 5 Reasons to Have an Author Visit, Jami Spaulding shares several questions students and teachers asked a visiting author, including, "Which part of speech is your favorite in writing?" What a great question!

Spot Light Books of the Month - February 2016

What is your favorite part of speech? Prepositions, collective nouns, interjections, superlatives? Here's a sampling of recommend titles by four authors—Brian P. Cleary, Ruth Heller, Marvin Terban, and Linda Ward Beecher—who explain these and more in their entertaining and instructive parts-of-speech and grammar books. Check out Books of the Month for details of all 32 titles.


A Pencil Parody

Little Red Writing by Joan Holub, illustrated by Melissa Sweeet

Little Red Writing by Joan Holub, illustrated by Melissa Sweet (Chronicle, 2016 paperback)

What happens when a common fairy tale is parodied by a little red pencil who has been tasked with finding a story worth writing? Myriad parts of speech enliven an adventure with colorful chaos, threaten to derail concise sentences, abruptly redirect Little Red's course, send her charging into action, and of course, help her bravely save the day and her story.

Savor the clever use of language and use it to model the joy of writing.


Princess and the Pea (a retelling)

Are you looking for a writing program? Consider Writer's Stylus where "grammar flows into skills naturally." If you're a Foundations & Frameworks user, you'll love the way Writer's Stylus goes hand-in-hand.

Enjoy The Princess and the Pea (a retelling) written by a Writer's Stylus student during a short story genre unit. Can you guess what grade the student was in?

One day Princess Ella was caught in a horrible storm. Water flowed throughout the heels of her shoes and out of the toes... [continue reading]


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