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Starstruck (Step Into Reading): The Cosmic Journey of Neil Degrasse Tyson
Children's - Kindergarten-3rd Grade, Age 5-8 
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ISBN 9780593120842
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A simple, rewarding telling of how one boy, used to bright city lights, found wonder in the night sky. One visit to the planetarium planted the seed of curiosity that grew by persistence and his parent's support over many years. Currently an avid scientist in the place where his love for stars began, Neil Degrasse Tyson's story inspires pursuit of passion even when young. NOTE: The first page describes the universe's birth as a big bang after millions of years.
Publisher Summary
A Step into Reading easy-to-read biography on science superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson, the groundbreaking American astrophysicist whose work has inspired a generation of young scientists and astronomers to reach for the stars!

This Step 3 Biography Reader introduces children to a young Neil deGrasse Tyson who was starstruck when he first visited the sky theater at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. He couldn't believe the crowded, glittering night sky at the planetarium was real--until a visit to the country years later revealed the impossible.

That discovery was like rocket fuel for Neil's passion about space--taking him from the roof of his apartment building to a science expedition in northwest Africa, to a summer astronomy camp beneath a desert sky, and finally back home to become the director of the Hayden Planetarium, where it all began.This story of how one boy's quest for knowledge about space leads him to become a star scientist is perfect for young readers who are fascinated by the universe, aspiring scientists, and the dreamer in all of us.

Step 3 Readers feature engaging characters in easy-to-follow plots about popular topics--for children who are ready to read on their own.
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