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How Do Bridges Not Fall Down?: A Book about Architecture & Engineering
Children's - 2nd-5th Grade, Age 7-10 
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ISBN 9781486714698
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Through a fun question and answer format combined with clever illustrations, this informative book relates important details about engineering and architecture. Young readers will enjoy the humor and appreciate the clear answers the book provides.
Publisher Summary
Have you ever wondered how bridges don't fall down or how really old buildings stay standing up?

In the How Do series, readers are welcome to guess along with the rest of us--and then explore the science behind the right answers. Basic principles of architecture and engineering are explored through diagrams, photos, and informative and engaging text.

In How Do Bridges Not Fall Down?, readers will learn:

- Different types of bridges and their characteristics

- How column and beam structures are supported

- Building techniques used in ancient buildings and why they are still standing today

- How skyscrapers are built and how they are reinforced

- How structures are built based on their geographic location
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