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Stella Endicott and the Anything-Is-Possible Poem: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume Five
Children's - 1st-4th Grade, Age 6-9 
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ISBN 9781536219043
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DiCamillo masterfully illustrates the meaning of metaphor as two classmates tackle their animosity toward one another when forced to face challenge together. While each character's unique point of view shapes his/her outlook, both eventually recognize the value of each other's thinking. Sprinkled with humor, metaphorical phrases, and drama-infused illustrations, this Deckawoo series addition absolutely delights.
Publisher Summary
Metaphor alert! An ode to a certain pig kicks off one wild school day in Kate DiCamillo's latest stop on Deckawoo Drive.

Stella Endicott loves her teacher, Miss Liliana, and she is thrilled when the class is assigned to write a poem. Stella crafts a beautiful poem about Mercy Watson, the pig who lives next door -- a poem complete with a metaphor and full of curiosity and courage. But Horace Broom, Stella's irritating classmate, insists that Stella's poem is full of lies and that pigs do not live in houses. And when Stella and Horace get into a shouting match in the classroom, Miss Liliana banishes them to the principal's office. Will the two of them find a way to turn this opposite-of-a-poem day around? In the newest spirited outing in the Deckawoo Drive series by Kate DiCamillo, anything is possible -- even a friendship with a boy deemed to be (metaphorically speaking) an overblown balloon.
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