Remember Me

Children's - Kindergarten, Age 5-6 
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ISBN 9780062022103
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Curiosity can take a young boy anywhere, even down the bathtub drain! This imaginative story entertains and gently promotes asking questions and pursuing answers.
Publisher Summary
Oliver likes finding things out, so when his mother cannot explain the gurgling in the bathtub he builds a submarine, goes down the drain, and meets a group of vacationing penguins.

"How do planes fly?"

"How does our fridge work?"

"Can I breathe underwater like a fish?"

Oliver is a curious explorer, so he asks a lot of questions.

Then, one day in the bathtub, he hears a strange gurgle. "What lives down the drain?" he wonders. Soon Oliver is headed down the drain in his homemade submarine on a spectacular mission. But will this clever inventor be able to discover a way back?

In this imaginative and funny adventure story, Judith Rossell introduces a lovable little hero whose curiosity leads him to extraordinary places.
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