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Unite or Die : How Thirteen States Became a Nation
Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9 
48 p.  
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ISBN 9781580891905
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While the 1783 Treaty of Paris offered freedom to our original thirteen colonies, the unity required for cooperation and influence was nonexistent. Creatively presenting the process of collaboration, debate, and compromise, this book draws parallels to student experience, reiterates concepts through simple, then extended summaries in the afterword and author notes. Well crafted.
Publisher Summary
Presented as a school play, a story of the American Revolution traces the challenges, conflicts, and compromises that shaped the United States Constitution and brought unity to the states.

Learn the history of the young United States and how the original thirteen colonies wrote the Constitution in this humorous introduction to American history told through a classroom play.

Readers will follow the children of Forest Lake Elementary School as they trod the boards in a dramatic reenactment of the writing of the United States Constitution. After the Revolution, the United States was anything but united. The states acted like thirteen separate countries, with their own governments, laws, and currencies. It took bravery, smarts, and a lot of compromises to create a workable system of government under the new constitution. 

Full of facts about our fledgling democracy, the call for a national government, and the Constitutional Convention, this book presents American history with personality, good humor, and energy.
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