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Mr. Lincoln's Way
Children's - Grade 2-3, Age 7-8 
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The touching story of a school principal and the bully whose life he'll change, by beloved New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Patricia Polacco.

Mr. Lincoln is the coolest principal ever! He knows how to do everything, from jumping rope to leading nature walks. Everyone loves him . . . except for Eugene Esterhause. "Mean Gene" hates everyone who's different. He's a bully, a bad student, and he calls people awful, racist names. But Mr. Lincoln knows that Eugene isn't really bad-he's just repeating things he's heard at home. Can the principal find a way to get through to "Mean Gene" and show him that the differences between people are what make them special?

"A touching and complex story that sends a positive message to kids and creates hope for these working with kids who seem to be lost and categorized as bullies."—Children's Literature

Despite "Mean Gene" Esterhause's rude and racist statements, Mr. Lincoln, beloved principal of the school, believes that he doesn't know any better and so sets out to teach him an important lesson in diversity.
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