Remember Me

Bell's Breakthrough
Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9 
103 pages  
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ISBN 9781442495364
Publisher Summary
Abigail, Jacob, Zack, and Bo travel back in time to watch Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone, but discover instead that he has put his invention on hold so they try to convince the stubborn inventor to get back on track.

What if there were no telephones? That won’t happen if Abigail and her classmates blast into the past and persuade Alexander Graham Bell not to give up on his invention!

Abigail is getting restless. It’s been three weeks and she hasn't time traveled once! Luckily it’s Monday again, so when Mr. Caruthers asks the class, “What if Alexander Graham Bell quit and never invented the telephone?” Abigail knows it’s time to go back to the past—this time, to 1876!

But when the kids find Professor Bell, he has given up on the telephone. In fact, he is hard at work on a new invention! Abigail and her friends have to get him back on track, but can they make a connection with the most stubborn inventor they’ve ever met?
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