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Giggle, Giggle, Quack
Children's - Toddlers, Age 2-4 
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ISBN 9781442408913
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Duck takes full advantage of Farmer Brown's absence, mischievously rewriting detailed instructions for his stand-in. Doreen Cronin's animal illustrations embody human traits any young reader would recognize -- contentedness (what newly-washed pig wouldn't enjoy a warm blanket?), laughter (what cow wouldn't enjoy The Sound of "Moo-sic?"), and more. Giggles sure to be enjoyed in this board book format, or its hardcover counterpart.
Publisher Summary
When Farmer Brown goes on vacation, leaving his brother Bob in charge, Duck makes trouble by changing all his instructions to notes the animals like much better.

Farmer Brown is going on vacation. He asks his brother, Bob, to take care of the animals. "But keep an eye on Duck. He's trouble." Bob follows the instructions in Farmer Brown's notes exactly. Is that giggling he hears?

Giggle, giggle,

quack, giggle, moo,

giggle, oink...

Duck, the cows, the hens and the pigs are back in this Classic Board Book™ edition!
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