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This early-reader biography is well-designed with text, photos, posters, and ads establishing the essence of Henry Ford's era. Sidebars with incidental trivia highlight interesting connections, including his friendship with Thomas Edison. The story is realistic and feels timeless because of the character traits used to shape its telling—hard work, inquiry, persistence, experience, and vision—transcend eras. This inspires big thinking.
Publisher Summary
Discusses the life and accomplishments of Henry Ford, a man who changed the American way of life in the 1900s by inventing the Model T and founding the Ford Motor Company.

As a young boy, Henry Ford was fascinated by technology and how objects worked. His childhood interests led him to leave the Ford family farm in Michigan in search of a career with machinery, and the rest is automotive and economic history.

TIME For Kids® Biographies help make a connection between the lives of past heroes and the events of today. Henry Ford made cars affordable, turning them into the primary means of travel for Americans. His innovations, including the assembly line, are still benefiting us today.
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