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Sparrow Girl
Children's - Grade 1-2, Age 6-7 
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ISBN 9781423111870
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Based on the Sparrow War of China in 1958, this tale contrasts a girl's gentle, compassionate spirit with frustrated, shortsighted action instigated by China's leadership. The consequence of each path is shown beautifully, highlighting the wisdom of measured forethought and wise thinking.
Publisher Summary
Ming-Li looked up and tried to imagine the sky silent, empty of birds. It was a terrible thought. Her country's leader had called sparrows the enemy of the farmers--they were eating too much grain, he said. He announced a great "Sparrow War" to banish them from China, but Ming-Li did not want to chase the birds away.

As the people of her village gathered with firecrackers and gongs to scatter the sparrows, Ming-Li held her ears and watched in dismay. The birds were falling from the trees, frightened to death! Ming-Li knew she had to do something--even if she couldn't stop the noise. Quietly, she vowed to save as many sparrows as she could, one by one...

When the ruler of China declares a "Sparrow War" against the birds that are eating the farmers' crops, little Ming-Li makes it her mission to save the unwanted birds from certain destruction.
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