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Sparrow Girl
Children's - Grade 1-2, Age 6-7 
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ISBN 9781423111870
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Based on the Sparrow War of China in 1958, this tale contrasts a girl's gentle, compassionate spirit with frustrated, shortsighted action instigated by China's leadership. The consequence of each path is shown beautifully, highlighting the wisdom of measured forethought and wise thinking.
Publisher Summary
When the ruler of China declares a "Sparrow War" against the birds that are eating the farmers' crops, little Ming-Li makes it her mission to save the unwanted birds from certain destruction.

Ming-Li looked up and tried to imagine the sky silent, empty of birds. It was a terrible thought. Her country's leader had called sparrows the enemy of the farmers--they were eating too much grain, he said. He announced a great "Sparrow War" to banish them from China, but Ming-Li did not want to chase the birds away.

As the people of her village gathered with firecrackers and gongs to scatter the sparrows, Ming-Li held her ears and watched in dismay. The birds were falling from the trees, frightened to death! Ming-Li knew she had to do something--even if she couldn't stop the noise. Quietly, she vowed to save as many sparrows as she could, one by one...
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