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Slopes of War
Teen - Grade 7-9, Age 12-14 
xiii, 202 p.  
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ISBN 9780547016146
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Remarkable in scope, accuracy, and storytelling, The Slopes of War will both entertain and educate diligent readers. Best for ages 14 and up.
Publisher Summary
Buck Summerhill is a young soldier from West Virginia. He faces the horrors of the battle of Gettysburg knowing that his two cousins, Custis and Mason, may be fighting against him in the Army of Northern Virginia. The Slopes of War is a fast-paced, panoramic story of a family divided in loyalty but equally affected by the dangers and sometimes senseless brutality of battle.

In the summer of 1863, Bekah Summerhill watches as Confederate troops sweep through her sleepy Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg, in a panoramic tale about the turning point of the Civil War.
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