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Taffy of Torpedo Junction
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Taffy of Torpedo Junction

Here is a thrilling adventure story about life on North Carolina's Outer Banks during World War II. Thirteen-year-old Taffy Wills is an independent and high-spirited girl who lives with her grandfather on Hatteras Island. With her Banks pony, Sailor, and her boxer puppy, Brandy, she roams the island and finds a mystery to solve. What's going on at the old house in Buxton Woods? Why are the people who live in it so unfriendly and secretive? And what is that eerie light just offshore? What Taffy discovers is a ring of Nazi spies, and it is up to her to help the Coast Guard capture them.

Partly based on a true story, the book is a tribute to the courage of the people who lived near "Torpedo Junction," a real place just off Cape Hatteras where German U-boats sank more than sixty American ships in just six months in 1942.

In 1942, thirteen-year-old Taffy, living with her grandfather on Hatteras Island, inadvertently helps capture Nazi spies responsible for passing information to offshore German submarines engaged in torpedoing American ships.
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