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Getting Grit : The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose
General Adult 
viii, 223 pages ; 
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ISBN 9781622039203
Publisher Summary
Offers readers self-assessment tools, daily exercises, and life tips to help reinforce their passion and perseverance to reach long-term goals with courage and willpower and without stubbornness or self-aggrandizement.

What allows a person to achieve their dreams? Grit, defined as "passion and perseverance tin pursuit of long-term goals," has emerged from current research as a key quality for success and happiness. Now bestselling author Caroline Miller brings you evidence-based tools for cultivating this essential trait. Here she explores the character of gritty people; the three kinds of false grit; how true grit inspires others; the importance of humility, self-compassion, and spirituality; and much more.
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