Remember Me

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Courage can require more than a brave act; it can call on on to overcome the past and its associated fears to act for the benefit of others. This story, set in Northeastern Pennsylvania's col country, explores themes of courage, family, friendship, and acceptance. A gentle yet powerful reading experience.
Publisher Summary
In 1911 Pennsylvania Coal Country, can Corey overcome the panic attacks that prevent him from helping support his family?

Corey is just a kid, but his family needs him to chip in. He’s dropped out of school and works as a breaker boy—picking out coal impurities from bins—in the coal mines of Pennsylvania.

But after a skating accident nearly kills Corey, he begins having panic attacks and nightmares. Corey turns to Mrs. Chudzik, a strange and mysterious local recluse, for help. She’s a trained doctor and Corey’s overwhelming fear of tight spaces means he is jeopardizing his family’s future.

When there is a disaster at the mine, trapping his father, Corey knows it’s time to face his fear. He and Mrs. Chudzik’s hound, Hovi, must find the trapped miners and bring help. But how can he when the thought of being in the dark and enclosed space might be more than Corey can handle?
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