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Marching With Aunt Susan : Susan B. Anthony and the Fight for Women's Suffrage
Children's - Grade 2-3, Age 7-8 
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An inspiring story of the fight for women's suffrage, based on the experiences of a real girl. All Bessie wants is to go hiking with her father and brothers. But it's 1896, and girls don't get to hike. They can't vote either, which Bessie discovers when Susan B. Anthony comes to town to help lead the campaign for women's suffrage. Stirred to action, Bessie joins the movement and discovers that small efforts can result in small changes-- and maybe even big ones. Inspired by the diary of the real Bessie Keith Pond, a ten-year-old girl who lived in California during the suffrage campaign, author Claire Rudolf Murphy and illustrator Stacey Schuett offer a thought-provoking introduction to the fight for women's rights. A story of hope and determination, Marching with Aunt Susan reminds readers that society cannot evolve unless people--even young people--dare to take a stand.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in California with Marching with Aunt Susan: Susan B. Anthony and the Fight for Women's Suffrage. Inspired by the real-life journals of Bessie Keith Pond--a 10-year-old girl who lived in California during the suffrage campaign--this picture book offers a child's-eye view of the struggle waged by women to gain the right to vote.
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