Remember Me

Beyond the Valley of Thorns
Children's - Grade 4-6, Age 9-11 
221 p.  
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ISBN 9780439700979
Publisher Summary
When thirteen-year-old Alexa embarks on a mysterious quest, she finds that her old friends Yipes the little man, Murphy the squirrel, Odessa the wolf, and Squire the hawk have been designated to help her.

Alexa thought her troubles were over when she defeated the man who had threatened to bring down Bridewell from within. But now that the walls around her land have fallen, a new, unexpected threat has risen from outside. Suddenly, Alexa is involved in a battle much, much larger than her own life . . . a battle in which she is destined to play a key role. In order to help good defeat evil, Alexa and her friends must venture farther than they've ever gone before -- confronting giants, bats, ravenous dogs, and a particularly ghoulish mastermind in order to bring back peace.
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