Remember Me

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Publisher Summary
A newly repackaged Spy Mice series brings a fresh look to the savvy secret agent mouse and his band of helpers who team up to foil evil rat Roquefort Dupont's diabolical plots around the world. Reprint.

In Book 1 of the newly repackaged Spy Mice series, a savvy secret agent mouse teams up with a kid who has superspy aspirations.

Fifth-grader Oz Levinson has always dreamed of being a spy, just like his hero James Bond. In real life though, Oz’s 007 moves are seriously lacking, and he’s a target for bullies. Then he stumbles upon Glory Goldenleaf, a secret agent mouse based in Washington D.C.’s International Spy Museum.

Glory is a tiny spy with a huge problem: The evil rat Roquefort Dupont has kidnapped her father, and she needs to launch a rodent rescue! Recruited to lend a helping hand, Oz and his new friend D.B. are swept into an exciting world of small-scale espionage. Armed with high-tech gadgets, pigeon power, and a whole lot of cheese, Glory and her team won’t rest until her father is rescued and justice is done.
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