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Harriet Tubman : Conductor on the Underground Railroad
Teen - Grade 7-9, Age 12-14 
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This engrossing and thorough biography of an American legend reads like a great story. The author, a black woman who passed away in the 1990's, uses the term "Negro" throughout the book (originally published in 1955), so young readers may need instruction regarding the term's background and use. While many books relate Harriet Tubman's story, this one may retell it the best.
Publisher Summary
Recounts Harriet Tubman's daring escape from slavery and her heroic efforts that brought three hundred African Americans to freedom through the Underground Railroad

The quintessential biography for middle grade readers of Harriet Tubman, the anti-slavery hero who is expected to be the face of the new $20 bill. The New Yorker praised this book as “an evocative portrait,” and the Chicago Tribune called it “superb.”

Harriet Tubman was born a slave and dreamed of being free. She was willing to risk everything—including her own life—to see that dream come true.  After her daring escape, Harriet became a conductor on the secret Underground Railroad, helping others make the dangerous journey to freedom.

Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad is an accessible portrait of the woman who guided more than 300 slaves to freedom. This award-winning introduction of the late abolitionist is an ALA Notable Book and a New York Times Outstanding Book. This book also includes an index.

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