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Mitten : A Ukrainian Folktale
Children's - Kindergarten, Age 5-6 
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ISBN 9780399252969
Publisher Summary
A bestselling modern classic that has been a family favorite for over 25 years.

When Nicki drops his white mitten in the snow, he goes on without realizing that it is missing.

One by one, woodland animals find it and crawl in; first, a curious mole, then a rabbit, a badger and others, each one larger than the last. Finally, a big brown bear is followed in by a tiny brown mouse and what happens next makes for a wonderfully funny climax.

As the story of the animals in the mitten unfolds, the reader can see Nicki in the borders of each page, walking through the woods unaware of what is going on.

In her distinctive style, Jan Brett brings the animals to life with warmth and humor, and her illustrations are full of visual delights and details faithful to the Ukrainian tradition from which the story comes.

Several animals sleep snugly in Nicki's lost mitten until the bear sneezes.
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