Remember Me

Desperate Dog Writes Again
Children's - Grade 1-2, Age 6-7 
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ISBN 9780547242057
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Emma is a loyal dog and will go to extremes to "rescue" her beloved owner George from the potential "kidnapper" hanging around George's art studio. With only a cat for guidance, Emma needs reliable help, and that means reaching out to "Dear Queenie" for advice. Humorous misunderstandings, Emma's perspective, and the role of a local library make this a fun and endearing read!
Publisher Summary
When a new girlfriend comes between Emma the dog and her owner George, Emma e-mails "Ask Queenie," an advice column for dogs having problems with difficult humans.

Emma loves her human, George, but he can be so difficult! This time he has a visitor, who won't let go of his hand. Worse, she's brought along her dog, Hankie, and they've taken over Emma's spot next to George on the couch.

What's a desperate dog to do? Emma hurries off to the library to write to her favorite canine columnist for advice. But this may be one problem that even Dear Queenie can't solve. Will Emma's happy home ever be the same again?

Drawn in an accessible comic-book style, this story is just right for children who are adjusting to a new member of the family, and will strike a chord with dog lovers of all stripes.
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