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Lost in Bermooda
Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9 
152 pages  
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ISBN 9780807587171
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This delightful first written work by illustrator Mike Litwin introduces readers to Bermooda, the island home to talking cows and a host of other colorful characters - a 'flying' pig, a plump gray cow whose yellow shirt is as bright as his personality, and an orange manic monkey, to name a few. When adventure-loving Chuck discovers Dakota (a hu'man) washed ashore, he offers help, protection, and a way back to hu'man civilization - almost. Word play and outlandish humor enfolds this budding-friendship tale that helps readers see the destruction of lies and the strength and hope of trust. And, through age-appropriate high-flying drama, Litwin shows how fearing the unknown leads to cowardice, not courage. Perfect for reluctant readers and for reading aloud.
Publisher Summary
A human boy is marooned on an island called Bermooda, which is full of talking cows! Cows are naturally afraid of humans because of their known affinity for eating meat, but one calf is determined to make a friend out of this castaway and teach everyone that you can't judge the masses because of only a few people.
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