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Punctuation Takes a Vacation
Children's - Grade 1-2, Age 6-7 
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This is a fantastic way to "show not tell" how punctuation works. What would happen if punctuation took a vacation? Stories get unruly and time no longer make sense. In fact, communication gets a little unruly. Humorous punctuation postcards convey messages that resemble a punctuation mark's purpose, helping readers understand their proper use. Clever, animated, and a way to make learning fun.
Publisher Summary
When all the punctuation marks in Mr. Wright's class decide to take a vacation, the students discover just how difficult life can be without them.

Oh no! Mr. Wright's class can't believe it. Every single punctuation mark in the classroom has gone on vacation! What will it be like without question marks, apostrophes, periods, and commas? Punctuation has never been as entertaining as it is in this wacky picture book.
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