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Little Tree
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In a forest of seedlings, only one refused to let go of its leaves season after season. The tree's sad, cowering posture helps early grade school readers see that fear hinders the little tree's growth. Eventually with coaxing and reassurance, it lets go and is able to realize its full potential—to grow and to serve. A wise message, simply illustrated for easy comprehension.
Publisher Summary
Loving his life in the woods so much that he resists change and refuses to release his brown and withered leaves year after year, a little tree makes a reassuring discovery when he finally learns to let go.

A timeless story to share among the generations from the #1 New York Times bestselling author-illustrator of the Otis series and The Little Engine That Could 

In the middle of a little forest, there lives a Little Tree who loves his life and the splendid leaves that keep him cool in the heat of long summer days. Life is perfect just the way it is.

Autumn arrives, and with it the cool winds that ruffle Little Tree's leaves. One by one the other trees drop their leaves, facing the cold of winter head on. But not Little Tree—he hugs his leaves as tightly as he can. Year after year Little Tree remains unchanged, despite words of encouragement from a squirrel, a fawn, and a fox, his leaves having long since turned brown and withered. As Little Tree sits in the shadow of the other trees, now grown sturdy and tall as though to touch the sun, he remembers when they were all the same size. And he knows he has an important decision to make.

From #1 New York Times bestselling Loren Long comes a gorgeously-illustrated story that challenges each of us to have the courage to let go and to reach for the sun.

Praise for Little Tree

* "[Long's] willingness to take his time and even test the audience's patience with his arboreal hero's intransigence results in an ending that's both a big relief and an authentic triumph. Long's earnest-eloquent narrative voice and distilled, single-plane drawings, both reminiscent of an allegorical pageant, acknowledge the reality of the struggle while offering the promise of brighter days ahead."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Long is sparing with the text, keeping it simple and beautifully descriptive. Brilliantly colored illustrations done in acrylic, ink, and pencil stand out on bright white pages, with Little Tree taking the center position in each double-page spread. Tender and gentle and altogether lovely."—Kirkus Reviews

From #1 New York Times bestselling Loren Long comes a gorgeously-illustrated story that challenges each of us to have the courage to let go and to reach for the sun.
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