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This is a richly layered biography, best enjoyed by late elementary ages. Ada Byron Lovelace possessed an inquisitive mind that relished numbers, patterns, and challenge. However, she grew up during a time when measles and cholera puzzled the medical community, and both left her very ill. It was also a time when men were more readily associated with the mathematical work and invention for which Ada obviously possessed natural talent. A closing author's note and timeline shed additional light on this woman's significant accomplishments, all of which occurred before her death at the age of 36. A truly inspiring life whose contributions to the computer and its language should be known by today's tech-savvy readers.
Publisher Summary
Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the famous romantic poet, Lord Byron, develops her creativity through science and math. When she meets Charles Babbage, the inventor of the first mechanical computer, Ada understands the machine better than anyone else and writes the world's first computer program in order to demonstrate its capabilities.

The daughter of famous romantic poet Lord Byron develops her creativity through science and math and writes the world's first computer program to demonstrate the capabilities of inventor Charles Babbage's pioneering mechanical innovation.
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