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This well-written biographical account of Henry Friston flows with ease. While it chronicles this noble character and how his dreams for world travel eventually merge with military service, the story's compelling appeal stems from the way Michael Foreman chose to tell it — through the eyes of an aspiring reporter who sought the truth, persisted over time, experienced intergenerational friendship, and grew from its wisdom.
Publisher Summary
"As a boy, Henry Friston dreamed of traveling the world. He thought he was signing up for a lifetime of adventure when he joined the Royal Navy. But when World War I begins, it launches the world, and Henry, into turmoil. While facing enemy fire at Gallipoli, Henry discovers the strength he needs to survive in an unexpected source: a tortoise. And so begins the friendship of a lifetime. Based on true events, and with charming illustrations, this story of war, courage, and friendship will win the hearts of readers. "--

While fighting for England in World War I, Henry Friston sees extraordinary sights--foreign lands and fighting armies and oceans that stretch to the horizon. But it's while under fire in the trenches at Gallipoli that he sees the most extraordinary sight of all: a tortoise. Inspired, he discovers the strength he needs to survive, and, together, he and his tortoise escape the battle. So begins the friendship of a lifetime.

Based on true events and with charming illustrations, The Tortoise and the Soldier is an amazing story of war, courage, and friendship by Michael Foreman.
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