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Had Annie Sullivan never been associated with Helen Keller, her life would still have been remarkable. This account follows Sullivan from a childhood of poverty and hardship through her amazing accomplishments with her better-known student. This is a powerful retelling of an amazing and accomplished life!
Publisher Summary
Photographs and text present the life and accomplishments of the young woman who overcame a poverty-stricken childhood, family tragedy, and failing eyesight to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller how to communicate.

The epic story of Annie Sullivan's perseverance and triumph in the face of hardship will enthrall readers of every age. This pioneering teacher overcame disability and misfortune before achieving her success as one of the most famous educators of all time.

This is the inspiring photobiography of Anne Mansfield Sullivan, a woman born into a life of daunting disadvantage and social obstacle. She grew up poor, with little education, the child of struggling Irish immigrants. By the age of eight, Annie was almost blind because of untreated trachoma. Following her mother's death, the young girl entered an almshouse, where she spent four years among the most wretched of society's outcasts. Her inquiring intellect and determination helped her escape this bleak detention, and she was sent to the Perkins School for the Blind.

There, at the age of 14, her education began, and her lively mind soon blossomed. After graduation, she was hired as a teacher for Helen Keller, a six-year-old girl who was blind and deaf due to illness. With patience and compassion, Annie reached into the dark, silent world of the little girl, opening her mind and soul to life's beauty. She became "Helen's eyes." Because of her inspired breakthroughs and accomplishments with Helen, Annie was soon known as the "Miracle Worker." Annie and Helen spent the rest of their lives togethertwo complex women with feisty personalities who achieved international acclaim.

Marfé Ferguson Delano's evocative account of teacher and student breaking down barriers to enjoy the wonders of intellectual discovery is a profoundly moving story.
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