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Muted, neutral tones covey the gravity of war, while leaving room for the emotional warmth only a dog's devotion can elicit. One of the earliest-known "mascot dogs" allowed in the U.S. Army, Rags became trench mouse catcher, messenger, and guard dog. Even in the thick of battle, Rags and his owner worked together as one. A difficult sadness punctuates the text toward the end, but thankfully the epilogue completes the tale with a happy recounting of Rags' new family and his legacy. A successful history/biography/animal story blend.
Publisher Summary
A stray dog named Rags befriends a U.S. soldier in Paris, France during WWI. Rags traveled with the troops carrying messages from the front line to the back. His loyalty kept him by his owner's side until Sergeant Donovan died at the base hospital in Chicago.

Shares the story of Private James Donovan and his dog Rags, who delivered messages and boosted morale among soldiers in World War I and refused to leave his friend's side when both of them were wounded during a fierce battle.
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