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How Full Is Your Bucket? : For Kids
Children's - Grade 1-2, Age 6-7 
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ISBN 9781595620279
Publisher Summary
Using the metaphor of a bucket, Felix's grandfather explains how being kind is the most fulfilling way to go about one's life and encourages him not to be dissuaded by those who choose a different path in this inspiring tale about how one person's actions can impact those of others.

Through the story of a little boy named Felix, this charming book explains to children how being kind not only helps others, it helps them, too. As he goes about his day, Felix interacts with different people ? his sister Anna, his grandfather, other family and friends. Some people are happy, but others are grumpy or sad. Using the metaphor of a bucket and dipper, Felix' grandfather explains why the happy people make Felix feel good, while the others leave him feeling bad ? and how Felix himself is affecting others, whether he means to or not. This beautifully illustrated adaptation takes the original book's powerful message ? that the way we relate to others has a profound effect on every aspect of our lives ? and tailors it to a child's unique needs and level of understanding.
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