Remember Me

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A classic story of overcoming challenges and self-discovery.
Publisher Summary
When Martin moves to a new neighborhood, he wants nothing more than to make a good impression on his new teammates. After all, Martin loves baseball more than anything, and all he wants is to prove he's worth his spot on the team. And with his lucky baseball bat in hand, what could go wrong?

But when that same lucky baseball bat goes missing, Martin completely loses his ability to play baseball. But even though he's lost his talent, Martin might just find something else: the value of friendship, his own confidence, and maybe, just maybe, a place on the team.

Marty loses his lucky baseball bat, and his confidence along with it, and wonders if he will recover both in time to help the Tigers win the championship.

Martin is new to the neighborhood, and wants to make a good impression on his new teammates. But when he loses his lucky baseball bat, Martin fears that he has also lost his ability to play baseball. Will Martin be able to continue his winning streak without the bat?
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