Remember Me

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A beautiful message conveyed here: true freedom allows for the right to be a servant to others. [gw]
Publisher Summary
In Kentucky during the Civil War, 12-year-old slave Gabriel contends with a cruel new horse trainer and skirmishes with Confederate soldiers as he pursues his dream of becoming a jockey.

When Billy finds a burlap sack containing a pistol and a cryptic, threatening note, he and his best friends, Dannie and Finn, set out to learn who holds a grudge and is plotting against the railroad.

Author Alison Hart mines the complex relationships between white and black, slave and master, Unionist and Confederate, and old and young in this gripping work of historical fiction set in the Civil War era. Young readers will experience the danger and drama of a time when war split the country and human beings were segregated into the owners and the owned, based on the color of their skin. Background historical material and photos are included.
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