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Wise Acres
Children's - Grade 2-3, Age 7-8 
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ISBN 9781593540418
Publisher Summary
There has never been a more bucolic farm than Wise Acres. There the sun always shines, the sky is always blue, and the breezes are always gentle. The inhabitants of the barnyard -- an assortment of busy, caring, and totally off-the-wall farm animals -- pass their days peacefully in song, dance, and storytelling. That is, until something goes wrong. Then the animals cannot resist rushing in to help each other -- with hilarious results.

In three episodes noteworthy for their straight-faced humor, George Shannon creates a world of lovable, zany animals who establish a special brand of illogic that children will take to heart, while Deborah Zemke's action-packed portrayals of the Wise Acre antics are as fresh and original as the barnyard creatures themselves.

Three tales follow the misadventures of the Wise Acres farm animals as they try to help one another find a cow's lost tambourine, send letters to a lonely ram, and comfort a turkey who is worried about getting wrinkles.
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