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Nate the Great Saves the King of Sweden
Children's - Grade 2-3, Age 7-8 
40, 32 p.  
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ISBN 9780440413028
Publisher Summary
As Nate the Great sets to work on his first international case, he searches for a lost "something" and saves the King of Sweden from a troublesome traveler.

These chapter books introduce beginning readers to the detective mystery genre. Perfect for the Common Core, kids can problem-solve with Nate, using logical thinking to solve mysteries! 

Rosamond is visiting Scandinavia when she loses something. She wants Nate the Great to find it, even though he doesn’t know what she lost, what country she lost it in, or when she lost it. And he’s thousands of miles away. But if Nate doesn’t take the case, Rosamond plans to hire the King of Sweden. Nate doesn’t want Rosamond to bother the poor king. And he does want the chance to solve his first-ever international case. Can Nate find whatever Rosamond lost without leaving his neighborhood?
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