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A remarkable read, this story showcases a young Ben Franklin and the curiosity and confidence that would make him a famous inventor. Engaging from the very beginning, this story allows young readers to connect with Benjamin Franklin in new ways and invites them to look into the choices that allowed him to confidently enjoy inventing, even when his inventions failed. Featuring an afterward full of illustrated facts, a timeline, and excerpts from Franklin's own journal, this is a biography that entertains and instructs.
Publisher Summary
Retells the story of the famous thinker's first invention as a young Ben Franklin, troubled by the fact that fish swim better than he does, tries to invent a way to swim more fluidly.

A National Science Teachers Association, Best STEM Book

Every inventor has to start somewhere, and one of the greatest innovators in our history was no exception. Ben Franklin developed his first invention while doing what he loved best: swimming! Ben's Big Splash is the story of Franklin's first invention, his journey through the scientific method, and the surprising successes that result when you're willing to make mistakes. Barb Rosenstock's rhythmic, whimsical style is the perfect complement to S. D. Schindler's pen and ink and watercolor illustrations. Together they recreate history in an engaging and unique way. Both author and illustrator worked closely with Franklin experts, and the book includes Franklin quotes, an extensive author's note, timeline, and bibliography.

Here is the story of Ben Frankin's first invention, his journey through the scientfic method, and the surprising successes that result when you're willing to make mistakes.
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